Monday, December 26, 2011

Better late than never....

The first week of winter break flew by and I am sure this week will too...I finally have time now to make projects...and since some of them are bulky and would be destroyed by the post office, I will hand deliver a few things in person...there are still people we haven't exchanged gifts with yet, so...I am technically not late! This card is a combination of cards I have seen on my favorite sites all season long. I used silver glitter paper and a felt type paper that feels like a stocking, little bells and a snowflake embossing folder and silver stretchy cord to make the little winter scene complete. Hope you like it!

(You can click on it for a closer look). In case I don't get another post in this week, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Party dress, shoes and purse

It took weeks, but my Christmas party dress finally got completed...and then I had the bright idea to make a matching purse...the morning of the party! I double lined the purse so that I could insert plastic needlepoint canvas into it to make it stiff like a purse. I may make the purse again, but not this dress. (It started out with a different style top half that was not comfortable, and my friend Mary told me to cut the top half off and get a new pattern for the top. I did, and it was nothing short of a miracle that this lengthy project was completed in time for the party. (this really was the best picture of the dress...knee length, straight skirt) I made a quick trip to the bead store and made a matching necklace and bracelet...and accidentally found matching royal blue silk shoes at DSW!

And the favorite part of the whole project!!!

Napkin Trees

A while ago I posted a photo of a Christmas card I CASEd from Connie Babbert. Here it is again.

It is made using double-sided patterned paper. I showed my stamping friend Karen and she said she had seen a fabric holiday napkin made the same way...only of course, fabric is not double-sided. I made these napkins for my sewingly creative friend Mary. Once they are washed after use, it is up to the owner to fold them back into their tree shape. They are half circles. I traced a large platter and faced them with a companion print fabric on the reverse side. Then I just ironed them into the tree shape! Easy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I am finally on vacation and I can quickly move to making some fun holiday cards to send out. I just finished a dress to wear to a party tonight, and a matching purse. Whew! So, here is a photo of my mantel, decorated with my collection of wooden Santas to entertain you until I get some cards made to share!